Coal Mines and Oil Field

Reduce operation cost through efficient CHP system and distributed power generation technology
     For coal mines producing large amount of coal mine gas, AGG Power CHP units can not only provide electric energy for power demand, but also provide thermal energy for heating demand of sewage treatment plant.

AGG Power’s CHP units can provide:
     Convert harmful gas into energy;
     Avoid transportation cost of diesel;
     Independent site power generation;
     Overall efficiency as high as 90%, power generation efficiency as high as 40%;
     Stable running when fluctuations occured in composition and impurities;
     Output can meet standard gas unit;
     Avoid the release of methane into the atmosphere, which is 21 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide;
     Stable running under the ambient temperature of -50℃;
     Small footprint;
     Fast installation and operation.


Characteristics and advantages:

1. Overall efficiency: 80%-90%, power generation efficiency 40%
     Thermal energy produced can be used for building heating, potable water heating and domestic water heating.


2. Waste utilization and environment cleaning
     Coal gas produced from coal mine and oil field can be treated to meet the demands of power generation of generators, which dramatically reduces the cost of diesel power generation.


3. Fast and easy installation
     Overall integrated solution, without having to install the engine room, small footprint, quick installation.


4. Proven quality and reliability
     Our proven spare parts will ensure 50000 hours smooth operation of your CHP units. All the parts applied are with high quality, and proven reliable through strict. They are designed to run continuously up to 5000 hours.


5. Easy operation and maintenance
     Our CHP units apply modular design which is humanized, with high safety and easy to maintain.

 6. Processed gas
     After being dehydrated, decontaminated, the associated gas from coal mines and oil fields can be used as efficient and clean fuels.

7. Trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy
     Besides power supply, the CHP units when combined with heat source absorption refrigeration equipment, can realized the trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy to meet the need of domestic water heating, steam heating and chilling.


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