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Power generation

Continuous Energy

AGG Power specializes in continuous energy supply. Within this market, the main sectors we are involved in are construction, rental, primary production and rural and other areas with limited energy supplies.

AGG Power focuses on cutting-edge solutions for continuous energy supply using compact gensets that are easy to transport, suitable for extreme weather conditions resistant to the erosion of time.


All our components are leading brands, guaranteeing continuous service with low maintenance and high availability levels. The control equipment for our generator   technologically advanced but easy to use.  


Emergency energy supply

AGG Power guarantees energy supplies in an emergency, ensuring continuous energy supply in sectors such as government bodies, healthcare, tourism, banking and data-processing centres.


Energy supply failures can cause irreparable damage. These sectors therefore need back-up systems that ensure their activities will not be interrupted due to any failure in the public grid.


High-powered solutions

AGG Power has incorporated all of its experience in the energy sector into its heavy range,developing high-powered solutions for extreme situations, at both low and medium voltage.


Our range of heavy products features high-performance diesel engines with advanced control systems.These are solutions, including modular and expandable installation compatible with other available systems.



Customised solutions

Our wide-range of generators includes customised products designed to meet the specific needs of particular niche markets. These include working with the armed forces and civil protection services,and in telecommunications and the marine sector.



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