AGG Power Production Basis

Our headquater are in Fuzhou, China. Our site covers a more than 12000㎡ production space, with annual 15000 units production capacity. With advanced information technology, professional technician team, complete product supply chain and service system, AGG Power able to provide a full range of product solution to meet variety of standards in different applications: factory, mining, building, construction, telecom, hospital, oilfield, rental , railway etc.


AGG Power Hongkong

AGG Power branch office in Hongkong , China

AGG Power UK

AGG Power branch office in UK to provide products and service for European and Africa countries.


AGG Power Miami

AGG Power branch office in Miami, USA to provide products and service for America Continent.

AGG Power Dubai

AGG Power branch office in Dubai, UAE, to provide products and service for GCC countries .

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