Brand: AGG
Our vision: To be a global Emergency Power expert

Business type: Power generation equipment manufacturer and service provider;Power

                           plant solutions provider.

Products and service: Diesel Generator Sets, Gas Generator Sets,Power Equipment

                                       Accessories ans Spare Parts.


Website: 辽宁十一选五还有多长时间开奖辽宁十一选五还有多长时间开奖  //www.aggpower.co.uk

E-mail: [email protected]

Professional power assistant

AGG Power is a global corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes power generation equipment worldwide. The company adds incomparable application and engineering know-how, excellent design and service capabilities, delivering value beyond the equipment it produces.


The products range that the brand offers includes diesel and gas generator sets,control panels and paralleling system for standby emergency power, prime power,peak power and distributed power. It also develops specific power gensets for the telecom sector.

Global supply chain system and service

AGG Power integrate global resource provide products internationally. AGG Power have set branch in Shanghai China, Maiami USA, Dubai UAE to provide products and service globally. The company offers a wide range of  specialized product training courses at its regional training centers, which ensure the professionalism of its distribution network, providing serice and support anywhere in the world.

Professional team

AGG Power technicians and engineers are hard-working and serious with their work. Compliance, standard and process are fundamentals of our high quality products.


Members of our products development team are rich in professional skills and familiar with products. With the help of advanced development tools and management platforms, we will always be ready to provide best solutions to our customs.


Through our global distribution network, we can provide you products,service in every district all over the world.

Contact Us
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