Industrial facilities

Reduce operation cost through efficient CHP system and distributed power generation technology

Industrial facilities are generally with large factories which have great needs for electricity, heat and cold energy. Industrial facilities and district heating plants can reduce operation cost through AGG Power CHP system. AGG Power CHP units can not only provide electric energy for power demand, but also provide thermal energy for heating demand. Single power grid or boiler usually can reach the efficiency of 50%. AGG Power CHP system can provide you with the following:

     -Energy efficiency as high as 90%
     -Lower energy cost
     -Lower emission
     -Easy operation and maintenance
     -Reliable operation even under the temperature of -50℃
     -Small footprint
     -Low noise
     -Fast installation


For many industrial facilities, when waste heat recycling is not feasible, distributed power generation is also an economical way for power supply. In any of the following situations, especially:
     -Local power grid is instable;
     -Natural gas is a cheap alternative to grid electricity;
     -A lot of biogas and other combustible are produced during the production of the system itself.


Major  application areas of industrial facilities:

Pharmaceutical factory、Paper mill、Petroleum and coal products、Wooden products、Manufacturing plants、Automobile factories、Chemical plants、Other industries


Characteristics and Advantages:

1. Overall efficiency: 80%-90%, power generation efficiency 40%
     Thermal energy produced can be used for building heating, potable water heating and domestic water heating.


2. Characteristics and Advantages:Cascade utilization of distributed energy
     energy to ensure high efficiency of CHP system. High temperature energy can be converted into electric power; middle temperature energy can be used for chilling and steam heating; while low temperature energy can be used for domestic water heating and dehumidification.


3. High economic efficiency
     To produce the natural gas with same heat value, the price of natural gas is 30-50% lower than that of gasoline and diesel. Annual electricity cost of CHP is 40% lower than that of mains.

4. Low transmission loss
     To provide thermal energy, cold energy and electric energy locally to reduce loss of transmission and distribution (6-7%).

5. Turn-Key solution
     Overall integrated solution, without having to install the engine room, small footprint, quick installation.

6. Proven quality and reliability
     All the parts applied are with high quality, and proven reliable through strict. They are designed to run continuously up to 5000 hours.

7. Easy operation and maintenance
     Our CHP units apply modular design which is humanized, with high safety and easy to maintain.

8. Trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy
     Besides power supply, the CHP units when combined with heat source absorption refrigeration equipment, can realized the trigeneration of cold, thermal and electricity energy to meet the need of domestic water heating, steam heating and chilling.

9. Energy safety
     CHP system helps to realize energy diversification and reduce dependence on the mains grid.

10. Low environment effect
     AGG POWER CHP unit's emission of sulfur dioxide and solid waste are almost zero; the emission of nitrogen oxides reduces by 80%; the floor area and water consumption can also reduce by more than 60%.
     The noise produced during operation can be reduced dramatically through combined noise reduction measures.

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